We believe in empowering our clients to make lifelong changes!


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The Program

Guidance for weight concerns, disease prevention, athletic performance, and mindful eating.

Access to a registered dietitian for a consultation, or if you need

specialized recommendations for a health condition.

Wellness option

At the Weight & Health Clinic, we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. We work with each individual to find a plan that considers their personal history, desires, and lifestyle.


Weight concerns

Ditch the restrictive diet programs and instead address weight issues through accountability with your coach. Learn to become more aware of what your body needs and implement practical lifestyle changes that lead to long-term success!


Disease prevention

Worried about your family history or your last physical? Gain understanding of eating patterns that contribute to long-term health, and let us help you apply those concepts.


Athletic performance

Don’t let an improper diet hold you back! Whether you are doing endurance exercise, weight lifting, or both, the way you fuel your workouts matters. Learn to eat in a way that will improve energy, performance, and get results.

Get started with a FREE consultation

Come in for your first visit with no strings attached! When you choose to work with us, your package includes:

Private Coach

Four 30-minute private sessions with a coach.

Nutrition Info

Clear nutrition information and guidance tailored to you.

Lab Tests

Initial and follow-up laboratory testing to assess progress.

Registered Dietitian

Personal one on one consultation with a registered dietitian.



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